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KAVACA – a wide range of PPFs for impeccable protection

With global development and technological advance bringing a variety of similar or identical products and services in every sphere of our lives, we have now learned to manage everyday purchases unconsciously. Yet, some major investments require a special approach and assessment. If you are looking for a protective system for your vehicle, would it be a nanoceramic coating, a paint protection film, or some other conventional, yet outdated detailing service? If you opt for the PPF-wrapping, what would your criteria for the brand be? Proved efficiency, a well-established manufacturer, excellent reviews from clients and professionals, official certification, and worldwide presence on market. In other words, Kavaca PPF.

Named after a Sanskrit word “armor”, Kavaca is the brand of aliphatic polyurethane paint protection films manufactured by the creators of the prominent Ceramic Pro coatings. This innovative product line was launched on the market in 2019 and quickly took the top place in professionals’ rankings and reviews of the customers. This immediate success might be owed to one of the two pioneers of the product line, Kavaca Instant-healing. The hit of the world’s biggest automotive show SEMA 2019, Kavaca Instant-healing is a high-tech film with the self-regenerating layer that allows this PPF to recover from minor scratches and scuffs in a matter of seconds and without applying any heat. Apart from this wow-effect, this film stands out for clarity and enhanced transparency, maximizing the gloss and color depth of the original car’s paint job. Kavaca Instant-healing is quite flexible and this quality both guarantees easier installation and better resistance to rock chips and scratches that may occur to the vehicle, this is why this film is perfectly tailored for high impact areas of the car, such as bumpers, and fenders.

Another film type, Kavaca Ceramic Coated, has been sharing the spotlight with Kavaca Instant-healing since the launch days. Similar in terms of protection from physical impact, Kavaca Ceramic Coated has enhanced hydrophobicity, stain-resistance, anti-graffiti effect, and gloss levels compared to the Instant-healing type.

These properties can be explained by the implementation of the nanoceramic technologies that have distinguished the manufacturer, Nanoshine Group Corp, from other surface protection producers. Increased hydrophobicity, or in simple words, liquid-repelling property means that, on the one hand, no liquid contaminants such as bird dropping, acid rains, and oils will stick to the surface and stain the film, and cleaning from dust, pollen and dirt, on the other hand, will be quicker and easier. The “non-yellowing” certification that Kavaca possesses is another evidence that this PPF is resilient to aggressive environmental conditions including UV-exposure.

These two films, obviously, clear and transparent, could not meet all the consumer’s demands due to ever raising popularity of more exotic wrappings, so it was no coincidence the next novelty in Kavaca’s product selection was Kavaca Black. This film, extremely strong and durable, demonstrates the self-healing effect even without applying heat. With the black pigment added to the molecular structure of the film’s polyurethane layer, Kavaca Black is preserved from color fading which makes it a more resilient solution, in comparison with vinyl, for repainting or styling cars in black.

Upon the Kavaca launch, the most awaited PPF type, not to be an exaggeration, was a matt film. Matt car paint has always been perceived as a premium look, yet known for being a problem for the car owners in terms of maintenance: matt surface gets dirty quickly and it doesn’t reflect sunlight, so the color of the paint fades rapidly. With Kavaca Matt this flawless matt look is now available to any car owner, at a lower price than a factory-ordered matt car or a matt-repainted one.

Kavaca Matt is a paint protection film with a high contact angle, which means it also shows liquid-repelling and easy-to-clean properties. Water beads on the film’s surface and droplets slip off the car, picking up dust and dirt particles.

As no liquid contaminants are able to stick and react with the PPF, Kavaca Matt preserves a wrapped car perfectly clean.

With the gloss index below 20%, Kavaca Matt surpasses the results of most competing products. Anti-yellowing tests have shown that this PPF is resistant to UV-exposure, meaning both the film will serve for longer, and the original car paint’s color won’t lose its intensity. To foresee the demands of black cars owners and restyling professionals, Nanoshine has also created Kavaca Black Matt. This black matt PPF doesn’t differ from the colorless version of Matt in terms of performance. Due to improved technology of implementing the black pigment in the molecular structure of the polyurethane layer, the intense color of Kavaca Black Matt remains as rich as right after installation for a long time.

Every film type we got to discuss already has that outstanding feature that makes it stand out and distinguishes it from the others in the product line. What would that distinctive feature be for the sixth Kavaca PPF, Kavaca Supreme?

Without any doubt, superior hydrophobicity and anti-graffiti properties. This PPF is a perfect preventive solution for areas where one can expect constant exposure of the car to strong chemicals and contaminants. That might be cities with developed industries, and, logically, lots of industrial fallouts and acid rains, or northern areas where winter road reagents are an issue or even regions with hard water that constantly stains unprotected paint job a vehicle. Kavaca Supreme surface repels liquids meaning no contaminants can deposit on the surface and spoil the film and car’s original clear coat. Tests run with the most effective permanent marker show, that nothing can penetrate the pores of the PPF, so you may be confident in your car brand-new look and film transparency for years to come.

Attention to small details is what creates an elegant look of any vehicle. With Kavaca Shades, the special product for protection and styling, you can choose from 4 different colors of the film fitted to wrap head and tail lights. Improved non-yellowing properties allow this color-PPF to maintain the original shade for up to 5 years and distinguish your car from others. Kavaca Shades is not only an esthetic accessory, but it also protects car lights from rain, scratches, and marring that are a rather common issue in that high impact area of a vehicle.


The problem of making a choice might be frustrating for someone. But with a thorough study and comparison of the options available, you can easier choose the Kavaca PPF type or types that will satisfy your requirements. With almost equal rates of protection from the physical impact, every film has a distinguishing feature that would provide an even higher level of protection for your special needs. If you are still having difficulties to make your mind, contact us to get the details of the closest Kavaca PPF installer that will be able to consult you further and install Kavaca on your vehicle in a modern certified center. Learn the new word for car paint protection: Kavaca PPF!



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