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Enhancing Precision in Auto Detailing: 
The Evolution from Hand-Cut Techniques to 
Cutting Software

Kavaca ION CPF installation

Each year, the popularity of car wrapping and plotter-cut patterns increases. This trend is associated not only with the numerous benefits for detailers but also with the increasing client demand. Programs emerge on the market and many PPF manufacturers already have their own software for cutting film with patterns database. The more software there is, the more varying patterns for the same car are available as there are several methods of producing the cutout, and each PPF manufacturer chooses their own way. 

Manual film cutting

At the beginning of this industry, the patterns were created manually by wrapping the vehicle with flexible “spare” materials and marking the outlines of car parts cut lines. Then, this material was removed from the car part to be digitalized for template creation. The next step would be a PPF cut on a plotter according to that digital pattern and installed on the car for additional adjustments. This process was repeated several times until the pattern was as correct as possible! Obviously, this method took too long, and most importantly, the patterns were often not quite correct due to human factors, the skill of the designer-installer, or the quality of the first installed mock-up film. What’s more, folding of the film under the car part was rarely taken into account earlier, so the templates left open areas where chips later formed.

Kavaca ION cpf pattern on a car

In the last few years, modern high-precision 3D scanning technologies and software that can transform a 3D model into an accurate 2D model have appeared. These technologies take into account the characteristics of the material and its elasticity, so today it’s possible to create maximally accurate patterns for most complex car parts and shapes, the smallest bends and fitted under-folding of the film for car body and interior elements. The precision technology eliminates any human errors and creates truly accurate patterns that require no adjustment during the car wrapping process. 

quality work macro cpf

In recent years, clients have demanded impeccable results for the expensive car wrapping service, so the requirements for work quality have noticeably increased. Today’s car owners pay close attention to the work result and choose detailing studios that deliver quality. Which is reachable thanks to modern cutting software.

KAVACA Smart Cut patterns are created with the use of the most modern 3D scanner. Our software maximally excludes the negative impact of the human factor on the templates’ production process. When using such state-of-the-art technologies, pattern designers, together with professional installers, are only required to test, adjust, and improve the already created digital patterns, if necessary. It’s important that the patterns are compatible with various PPFs, so we have developed a special PPF KAVACA PRECUT, which analyzes the averaged characteristics of paint protection films of more than 30 manufacturers, thus, with our patterns, you get the most comfortable installation process no matter the film you use.

Kavaca Smart Cut application

Now, let's take a closer look at the benefits of using patterns when installing protective films on a car or motorcycle: 

Kavaca Smart Cut AI grouping of patterns

1. You save 25-35% material compared to manual cutting which is a significant amount considering the cost of PPF! Plotter can cut elements with a distance of 1 mm between them, while with manual cutting you will require at least 10 centimeters. Our software automatically and impeccably groups the elements thanks to an advanced AI algorithm that operates on a powerful cloud server.

2. The human factor is crucial and there aren’t many PPF installers that have high qualifications. When cutting the film on the car body, they may accidentally cut it through, and damage the paintwork, sometimes all the way to metal or plastic. After a minor accident, when the PPF is taken off such a damaged area, the paint peels off and comes off with the film. Over time, the paint on aluminum parts might bubble, or rust on metal.

Kavaca Smart Cut application screenshot

Many car owners have faced their car receiving significant paintwork damage at the very first stage of "protection", hence they opt for having PPF cut by the plotter.

3. Wrapping may require disassembly causing various shortcomings and breakdowns.

Kavaca ION installation on white car

For example, it is often necessary to remove handles or mirrors or dismantle the inner door trim if you wrap a door manually. This may result in small breakage. In the worst-case scenario, the electronics of the car may malfunction due to poor reassembly. No element after dismantling will be installed back the same way as it was done originally at the factory. When removing various emblems, the paint is often scratched under or around them, and the double-sided tape used for reinstallation is thicker than the original one, so the final result isn’t perfect, especially on small or complex-shaped emblems. Cutting the film around emblems without removal leaves cuts and an uneven contour. Apart from the mediocre aesthetic result, take into the consideration time wasted on dismantling/mounting.

4. When wrapping with KAVACA Smart Cut patterns, you get absolutely even, beautiful edges everywhere, which is impossible to achieve with manual cutting. 

Car macro photo with Kavaca ION

5. Sometimes, mostly on bumpers of complex shapes, it is necessary to splice two pieces of film: with manual cutting, it is impossible to achieve a perfect seam. Cutting around various inserts in the bumper, parking sensors, and such by hand-cutting is always a nightmare. 

Kavaca ION on a small element of car

6. Installing film on small elements of a car, such as small details in bumpers and rearview mirrors, chrome elements, moldings around windows, and interior elements is a purchased service. With patterns, this tedious job is performed up to 10 times faster with a perfect result.

7. Saving workspace is another benefit of using plotter cutting. You only require two sqm to install the equipment, unlike the larger space required for manual cutting. 

plotter in the cutting process

8. Every business owner strives to increase earnings, so using the cutting software not only helps in this by significant savings in material but also quickens the time of car wrapping by more than twice, thereby increasing the throughput of the detailing center.

Kavaca ION simple installation

9. Using pre-cut patterns is much simpler and does not require as high a level of professionalism compared to conventional manual wrapping, which simplifies the search and training of personnel.

10. To maximize the efficiency of working with patterns, we have developed a new generation film KAVACA ION CPF. It is a very elastic film, but at the same time, its Top Coat has moderate hardness. The adhesive base, not typical for paint protection films, allows folding without the use of a primer, even if they are 1-2 mm wide. A superior combo, KAVACA ION CPF, and KAVACA Smart Cut elevate many problems associated with the installation of protective films, reduce costs, and bring additional significant income to your business. 

Kavaca ION macro photo. ION exchange technology

Both car owners and detailing business managers benefit from the use of plotter-cutting software. Car owners can be assured of a flawless fit and protection of their vehicle without the risk of paint or body damage, which is almost inevitable during manual cutting. The high-quality result will definitely correspond to their investment in car protection. For businesses, plotter cutting and using patterns speed up the wrapping process, reduce material costs, time, and overall expenses, and also minimize errors, thereby increasing profitability and detailing center capacity. It also simplifies the requirements for personnel skills, allowing employing less experienced installers without compromising the quality. Overall, the Kavaca Smart Cut pattern technology optimizes processes and improves the final quality, strengthening customer trust and contributing to business growth. 

Kavaca ION set unboxing. Ceramic Pro ION top coat

Let the Kavaca Smart Cut pattern technology and KAVACA ION protective film become the key to success for your business and a reliable shield for your clients' cars, ensuring the impeccable quality and durability of each wrap.



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